Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bryan Photo Workshop 2010

A Bryan Photo's 2010 workshop was flooded with eager artists longing to perfect their trade. Coming from D.C., Wyoming, Minnesota, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia; I could not have hand picked a better group of people. By the end of our three days together we all consider ourselves friends! The group ranged from experienced to novice, but an interesting observation was that shooting with film made any photographer giddy with excitement. The idea of not having an unlimited amount of exposures was scary but at the same time so exhilarating. Everyone was taught to slow down, focus on composition and to be instinctive. The relationship was not with the back of your camera, but with your subject.   

I wanted our models to be moving and interacting which would draw more natural emotion. I set up a couple of stations with props which the photographer could use freely to accent the shots. The first station was "The Picnic." Here I had a beautiful quilt, a large mason jar with flowers, and a picnic basket with apples and sandwiches. The second station was next to the barn siding. I had given the photographers the choice of two glasses of champagne or if you wanted to get goofy, my very own hand cut lips and mustaches! The last station was set by the beautiful glade of trees. There I offered a thermos full of warm homemade hot chocolate and a box of handmade marshmallows! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I brought a tandem bike down from my aunt and uncles house in Huntsville, but unfortunately it only made one shot because of all the rain. 

Here are a few selects from our photo shoot at the Sonnet House in Birmingham, Alabama:

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