Friday, January 7, 2011

Lauren and Gabriel

Bryan Johnson captured the feeling of this cold December morning effortlessly. Looking at this shoot makes me want to cozy up to a warm cup of Joe at my favorite coffee shop. I can almost hear the sound of porcelain clanging over the quiet murmur of visiting friends. This was Lauren and Gabriel's perfect date in NYC... Over cappuccino and a quiet stroll through central park they reminisced on their engagement and talked with excitement about what is to come.  

Here, at Cafe Lalo, is where Gabriel choose to propose to Lauren. It's located on the Upper West Side and is famous for the movie, "You've Got Mail". 

When it came to laying down the concept for the day, it was obvious where to start. After Cafe Lalo, we did what I thought was the most natural thing to do and that was take a stroll through near by Central Park. With the fur hats that Laren and Gabriel brought everything came together for a pleasant and truly intimate shoot. 

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