Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY Floating Shelves

I had the privilege of being featured over on Lauren Kelp's blog today. She asked me if I would share a blurb about how I styled my floating shelves. The shelves were a Christmas gift from my dad who built them himself! What can I say, he is the best... Check out my styling steps below!

Step 1:
 First, it is important to start with a blank canvas. Remove the excess and start with a clean slate. 

Step 2: 
Choose your anchor pieces. I started with 4 uniquely different pieces of art, each piece feeling substantial. To avoid it feeling too staged place each piece of art on a different section of the shelves, creating direction and movement. After placing the anchor pieces I layer in the rest of the art. None of the art is actually hung, which makes it easy to switch things out and keep the space feeling fresh and new over time.

Step 3:
Add in fun accessories. I always choose interesting conversation pieces. I love to pull things from my travels that have interesting stories. One of my favorite things on the floating shelves is the dark room timer. My husband is a photographer so when I found this vintage treasure it was especially fun!

Step 4:
Add something living. This step can really take your space to the next level and is my favorite part! Adding something green can help lead your eye from the top of the space to bottom. I normally add both a potted plant as well as fresh cuts.

Step 5:
Add the finishing touches. Take a moment to step back and asses your shelves. Ask yourselves questions about balance and proportion. The shelves had quite a few statement pieces, but needed some accent accessories so I added the small quirky animals, tee-pee incense burner and vintage red dice. Also, there needed to be something to ground the shelves. A basket full of blankets did the trick!

Thanks again for the lovely feature Candice! Check out more of the post and photos HERE.

Photos by Clark Brewer.


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